Works that lead to later

FLANGE plywood Takehisa Ueda × Collage Works Tomoco Takahashi

Takehisa Ueda and Tomoco Takahashi have one thing in common: we are both fascinated by what is left of our work.

For example, paint that sticks out and adheres to the table, pencil lines and letters that have been got an idea with an esquisse, materials that remain in a half-formed shape, wrinkles in the paper after opening a package, and adhesive tape that has been removed…for some reason, these objects are endearing. Perhaps we both see the potential in the expressions of these things, and using them as a starting point, we begin to think and create new works for ourselves.

In this way, the traces of the work will take on a new form and lead to the next.

This time, we will unveil the works that fascinate us by combining our individual expressions and our two sensibilities in the new Azur rose Galerie space that Ueda has created.

〒152-0035 東京都台東区池之端3丁目3−5