Have you ever had a moment when you feel a chance encounter in a variety of situations?
The “gallery” is a place where many encounters are born!
Hiroko Kaneko, who establishes her own lyrical and unique world using the pate de verre technique.
Mayo Takanashi, who uses acrylic, watercolor, beeswax, etc. to express universal mental landscapes
TAKU NISHIMURA, who creates highly original works by upcycling scraps from his works.
What kind of synergy effect will be created when the works of these three artists, each of whom incorporate their daily activities and accumulated memories into their works, meet at this gallery?
What synergy will be created by the encounter of the three artists’ works with the viewers?
We hope you will enjoy the exhibition from your own perspectives.

〒152-0035 東京都台東区池之端3丁目3−5